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Cancer, Acute MI Care at Home, and Staying Out of the Hospital

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Palm City FL

The last place most people want to be, especially during their Golden Years, is in the hospital. As people get older Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Palm City FLthey will face numerous health challenges. For somebody who recently suffered from acute myocardial infarction, more commonly referred to as a heart attack, and who has also been diagnosed with cancer, it can feel as though the weight of the world is pressing down on his or her shoulders.

It can also feel as though it’s just too great a fight to take on now. If they have been hospitalized, they will be sent home at some point to continue with the recovery. Avoiding having to go back means taking proper care of their health, taking charge of their recovery, and taking the proper steps to maximize the outlook for their overall health and well-being into the future.

April is Cancer Control Month and recovering from a heart attack at home can certainly be complicated by a diagnosis of having some type of cancer, but that doesn’t mean people have to give up completely. There are many things they can do to improve their recovery and increase the chances of making a complete and full recovery while also defeating cancer completely.

Get exercise. Most doctors will recommend people get some level of exercise following a heart attack. This seems to go against the normal way of thinking, especially for family members who are looking after their elderly loved ones. When a family caregiver is trying to support an aging parent following a heart attack, he or she may discourage physical exercise and activity.  Exercise helps to get the heart stronger and move oxygen throughout the body more efficiently. This can also help in the fight against cancer as blood cells carry nutrients to vital organs throughout the body.

Improve diet. Getting a proper diet can provide the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to various organs in the body. Eating healthier can also provide more energy to a person who may be looking at the prospect of radiation and chemotherapy treatments in the fight against cancer.

Get proper rest. It’s important that the individual get the appropriate amount of rest.

Proper support is essential. When a person is recovering from acute MI, and also fighting cancer through radiation and chemotherapy, there will be days when he or she might need extra physical support getting out of bed, getting up from a chair, going to the bathroom, shower, and doing other activities. Family members can certainly help out, but nothing beats professional home care.

The more people focus on proper recovery at home, the more they increase the chances of making a full and healthy recovery and getting back to activities that are important in their life.

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