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As Alzheimer’s Progresses, Isolation and Loneliness Can become Serious Issues, so Consider Professional Care as Early as You Can

Alzheimer’s Care in Palm City FL

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s was not something that Brian had anticipated in his life. Nobody in his family had ever been diagnosed with some form of dementia, so he never gave it much consideration. However, at 72 years of age, the diagnosis didn’t really come as that great of a surprise, either.Alzheimer’s Care in Palm City FL

Brian had been dealing with various issues with memory loss, and the living alone has impacted some aspects of his personal life and care. He had missed doctor’s appointments, forgot about birthdays for loved ones, and even began forgetting about conversations he had with somebody the prior day. Those were the first signs that something was wrong that led him to make an appointment with his doctor and ultimately be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. For him, getting professional care at that time wasn’t a priority. He could still manage his own basic care for the most part, and didn’t think relying on the caregiver was necessary.

As the disease progressed, though, his family became concerned about his safety and security within his own home. They encouraged him to hire a caregiver to help keep things in order, maintain the house, and take care of other things. He continued to put that off, assuming he could take care of the things on his own for the most part. One thing he noticed as he got older was that he was feeling more and more lonely.

He figured at some point in time, the older he got, the more he would feel lonely considering his friends would pass away, friends he knew for a long time would no longer be able to visit, and more. What he didn’t anticipate was that as the disease progressed, he would be visited by his friends, neighbors, and family members less frequently as well.

As the disease progressed, it had a direct impact on many other aspects of his life. He was confused about certain situations. It became frustrating for people to have a conversation with him one day and have them forget what they told him the next. This led to fewer and fewer visits from loved ones and it increased the feelings of isolation and loneliness for Brian.

He eventually hired an Alzheimer’s care provider who had experience and this helped to stave off some of those feelings of isolation and loneliness, but it would have been even more beneficial had he hired the caregiver during the earliest stages of the disease rather than waiting until the middle or later stages.

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