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How to Keep Your Aging Parents Safe in Their Home

Family Caregiver Tips in Del Ray Beach FL

One of the benefits to receiving elder care is the fact that seniors can stay in the home they have lived in for years, making this a popular choice for aging adults who need a little extra assistance inFamily Caregiver Tips in Del Ray Beach FL daily tasks. However, as adults get older, what once seemed like a safe home may now be filled with dangerous areas that could pose a risk to the health of the senior. The leading health risk for adults over 65 years old is falling, effecting millions of seniors per year. A simple fall could cause serious problems, such as a fractured hip, head trauma, and even the risk of death. To greatly decrease the possibility of the senior getting injured, here are some ideas to make the home a safer place.

1. Install a Grab Bar
Bathrooms can be extremely dangerous, especially for those with mobility problems. By installing a grab bar in the bathroom, seniors will be able to enter and exit the shower much safer.

2. Watch for Slippery Floors
Even the smallest amount of water could cause them to slip, so cleaning up any spills from the bathtub, sinks, or spills is critical. Consider using slip-resistant mats in order to reduce these risks.

3. Keep Everyday Items in Reachable Cabinets and Drawers
In order to avoid having an elder climb a stool to reach a dish or other items they use every day, keep them at a safe, easy-to-reach distance, such as a low cabinet.

4. Store Cleaning Supplies, Chemicals and Sharp Objects Out of Reach
These items can be extremely dangerous in the hands of someone who may be losing their memory or do not have the balance and coordination they once had. Lock up any cleaning supplies, knives, scissors, or other chemicals and sharp items.

5. Use Brighter Lights
When the lights are dim, it makes it much more difficult to spot a step, pet, or something lying in the middle of the floor, making it very easy to trip. Use light bulbs that are greater than 100 watt in order to prevent these accidents from occurring.

Why Use In-Home Care
By receiving in-home care, the senior will have all of the comforts of home, while also having a professional caregiver available to take care of their cooking, grooming, transportation, and housekeeping needs. Also, by receiving senior care in their home, a caregiver will be there to help keep the home safe, promptly helping the senior citizen if they were to fall or trip. With these tips, the home will be a much more secure place for its aging owner.

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Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Activa Home Health
Jon Fedele is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Activa Home Health. During the past 15 years he has owned and operated several successful healthcare companies in South Florida.
“I am passionate about our community and the people we serve”, states Mr. Fedele. “We have an obligation to take care of our seniors and allow them the dignity to age safely and independently in their own homes”.

Jon is married and has three children. He enjoys waterskiing and spending time with his family and friends.