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5 Things You Should Know about Efforts to Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates and Costs

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Hobe Sound FL

Reducing Hospital Readmission RatesThere is a great effort being placed by the federal government on finding ways to reduce hospital readmission rates. The main goal is to reduce costs for Medicare and Medicaid, but it has an ancillary focal benefit in being able to improve the quality of post hospital stay care. If you’ve never heard about the terminology to reduce hospital readmission rates, here are five things you should know about it and how it could impact you or an elderly individual in your family.

  1. A hospital readmission is defined as…

A hospital readmission is defined as any time a person has to be readmitted within 30 days of discharge. When a person is sent home from the hospital, they are generally considered in good enough health to begin the recovery process at home. However, if there is a complication or the individual is not following doctor’s orders properly, it can cause them to relapse or experience certain complications.

  1. More hospitals are providing better information.

Because hospitals are exposed to increased fines if they don’t reduce these readmission rates, they are often providing more information to their patients upon discharge. This information could involve the things they need to do, the diet they need to focus on, and even resources where they can get the right level of support.

  1. More follow-up care is being provided.

When a person is discharged from the hospital, they are more likely today to be encouraged to schedule a follow-up doctor’s visit. On top of that, some visiting nurses and other medical professionals are calling or stopping by patient’s homes to check on them and make sure they are doing what’s necessary in order to promote a positive and healthy recovery.

  1. It takes a strong network of support.

In order for an elderly individual to make a full recovery from a heart attack, stroke, major surgery, pneumonia, or any other reason they were hospitalized, it takes family members, friends, and even professional caregivers in the form of home care aides, visiting nurses, and maybe even physical therapists to help make it happen.

  1. It is all up to the patient himself or herself.

It’s not a matter of the hospital or doctor being primarily responsible for an individual’s recovery, but it’s actually the responsibility of each individual patient. For any senior who looks to his or her doctor or the hospital to take care of everything with regard to the recovery, they are actually decreasing their chances of making a complete and full recovery. By taking charge, an elderly individual understands the value of an experienced and professional home care aide.

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Ellen Peitz

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She returned to work on a part time basis where she served as volunteer coordinator at Martin County High School for four years and United Way as Communications Director for one year.She was then recruited to a position at the Visiting Nurse Association where she spent 14 years as Director of Community Relations.Her responsibilities included marketing, public relations, communications and fund raising.She is well known for her involvement in the Stuart Air Show, which became the largest and most exciting special event on the Treasure Coast, drawing spectators from Miami to Orlando and beyond.

From the VNA Ellen enjoyed two years as Vice President of Community Relations at HPS, Helping People Succeed, a non-profit organization serving people with disabilities.After a short stint at the Historical Society of Martin County she was recruited to Family Private Care, a private care referral service established in 1997.Family Private Care serves families in South Florida as well as in Lee, Collier and Sarasota Counties on the West Coast of Florida, with the highest quality of services and referrals.

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