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Encouraging Positive Relationships through Alzheimer’s Care, even during the Darkest Days

Alzheimer’s Care Hobe Sound FL

Alzheimer’s Care in When Jacob was taking care of his wife following her Alzheimer’s diagnosis, he wasn’t prepared for the darkest of days. He knew there were going to be challenges, that she was going to go through a host of changes and memory problems, and he even learned that she could experience personality changes. He just didn’t think they’d be so severe and put him on the outside looking in.

Jacob took advice wherever he could find it, but even through everything he learned about Alzheimer’s disease, the signs and symptoms, and the various stages to expect, none of that helped prepare him for the darker moments when his wife might say some pretty harsh things to him, yell at him, and one day wake up without even recognizing him at all.

At first things were overwhelming. Jacob actually hired an experienced Alzheimer’s care provider to help out when these darker moments began to show up. It was through this experienced caregiver that he was able to create and maintain more positive relationships with his own family and especially his wife.

How to encourage positive relationships.

When a family member has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it can impact every single person within the family structure. As the disease progresses some family members may step back to avoid dealing with the more challenging aspects of the disease. This can create tension among certain members of the family.

Understanding that some people can’t handle various situations is one of the most important things to do to maintain a positive relationship with them.

Instead of getting angry, hurt, or upset at somebody’s reluctance to become directly involved with the elderly family member, it’s a good idea to plan family get-togethers (mini reunions) at neutral locations, such as a restaurant, another family member’s house, and other places. The person with Alzheimer’s would have an experienced caregiver working with them during these impromptu family reunions.

It’s here that people can share their positive memories about their loved one who is dealing with this very serious situation. It can also provide a tremendous support for those working directly with that person. For Jacob, it was important to him to maintain positive relationships with everyone and his family.

Having the support of his family and friends, even once or twice a month, helped him get through those darker moments. Getting together and talking, sharing positive memories with one another can forge a continued positive relationship.

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Deborah Irvine

Deborah Irvine and her husband reside in Martin County Florida. She has been married for 30 years and is the mother of two daughters. Deborah completed her nursing degree at Palm Beach Community College in 1986 and is a Registered Nurse. She also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies from Hobe Sound Bible College. Deborah worked for 9 years at Martin Memorial Hospital as a Medical/Surgical Nurse and then went into Home Health care, working for two years at a Medicare Home Health company. In 1997 Deborah went to work at Family Private Care where she started as an Independent Contractor nurse, and was soon promoted to the Director of Nursing, then became their General Manager and currently serves as Family Private Care’s President.

Deborah is a member of the Private Care Association and thereby stays involved in the political process both state-wide and national as it pertains to Nurse Registries and home care issues.

Deborah was appointed by the Commissioners of Martin County in 2005 to the board of the Treasure Coast Health Care Council where she served two terms.

Deborah has been committed to the Martin County community by serving in various roles through her church from being involved with children’s ministry through a Bus Ministry program in Indiantown to serving as a Sunday School teacher to Junior High children. Deborah continues to work with and actively supports a myriad of local community organizations.