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What to Do When Live in Care for Seniors Becomes as Close as Family

Live-In Care Hobe Sound FL

Live-in CareWhen Sally was looking into live in care for seniors for her elderly father, she didn’t really know what to expect. Like many other families and individuals, unless they have direct, personal experience with something, they might not understand many of the intricate aspects of them.

When it comes to hiring a live in home care provider, there are usually a number of concerns that family members have. Some of the most significant concerns have to do with fraud, theft, and even abuse. The reason why so many people get concerned about this is because they are hiring what is, in effect, a complete stranger to look after an elderly loved one, especially somebody who may be having difficulty getting around and is already in a compromised state of health or physical capability.

Another reason why so many people are worried about caregivers coming into their loved one’s home is because they don’t fully understand the reality of these caregivers. They may only see certain new stories about a caregiver who committed a crime against an elderly client, such as stealing from the bank account or abusing them. In most situations, these make headline news because of the severity of the crime and the vulnerability of the victim. In truth, though, the vast majority of professional caregivers in the United States are honest, compassionate, experienced, and dedicated individuals who truly care for the clients in their care.

Another concern people may have about hiring a professional live in home care provider is that they may get close to their client. That’s not a bad thing. But what about when they become as close as family?

There’s nothing inherently wrong or abnormal for a caregiver who is living with an elderly client to form an emotional connection and bond. It still needs to be kept as a professional relationship, though.

It can actually be an extremely good thing for a caregiver to get along so well with their client and for the senior to trust that caregiver implicitly. If there are certain concerns about things the caregiver may be doing or assisting with, such as paying bills and other personal decisions, these can be addressed directly.

The best thing anyone could do when they realize their elderly loved one will require a live in caregiver is to hire that caregiver through a an agency. By doing so, family members would have some recourse and ability to address any potential issues that arise in the future.

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Ellen Peitz

Director of Community Relations at Family Private Care, Inc.
Ellen joined Family Private Care in 2007.She has extensive experience in marketing, public relations, special events and relationship building.Her experience in the health care field began in New Jersey at MetPath Laboratories, where she was a successful Marketing Representative.Her public relations skills were honed at New York Bell Telephone Company and the Bogen Division of Lear Sigler, Inc. where she served as a Business Office Representative and Public Relations/Advertising Coordinator respectively.Ellen temporarily “retired” to raise two daughters born in 1977 and 1979.She was a stay-at-home mom for eight years…her most challenging position AND her most rewarding!

She returned to work on a part time basis where she served as volunteer coordinator at Martin County High School for four years and United Way as Communications Director for one year.She was then recruited to a position at the Visiting Nurse Association where she spent 14 years as Director of Community Relations.Her responsibilities included marketing, public relations, communications and fund raising.She is well known for her involvement in the Stuart Air Show, which became the largest and most exciting special event on the Treasure Coast, drawing spectators from Miami to Orlando and beyond.

From the VNA Ellen enjoyed two years as Vice President of Community Relations at HPS, Helping People Succeed, a non-profit organization serving people with disabilities.After a short stint at the Historical Society of Martin County she was recruited to Family Private Care, a private care referral service established in 1997.Family Private Care serves families in South Florida as well as in Lee, Collier and Sarasota Counties on the West Coast of Florida, with the highest quality of services and referrals.

Family Private Care specializes in helping people of all ages and abilities maintain their independence and enjoy the very best quality of life possible.

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