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Discussing Recovery and Hospital Readmission Rates with a Senior Who Doesn’t Want to Listen

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Hobe Sound FL

It’s late in the evening on a Friday. You’ve had an incredibly long week and it all started with a phone call telling you your father had been hospitalized following his heart attack. This wasn’t the first time he suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized, but you know it’s always going to beReduce-Hospital-Readmission-Rates-Hobe-Sound-FL a serious situation. You want to help him, but no matter what you say he doesn’t seem to pay attention and you worry that he’s not going to be able to reduce these hospital readmission rates and is just going to have to be readmitted time and time again until that last time when he doesn’t return home any longer.

Your father may have a number of reasons why he doesn’t listen to what you have to say, especially about hospital readmissions or recovery. Maybe you’re not communicating properly. Maybe he doesn’t fully understand the benefits of relying on a professional home care aide. Maybe he thinks if you’re talking about hiring an experienced caregiver that you don’t really want to be there for him.

Communication is a two-way street and when one person isn’t listening to the other individual, it can certainly be frustrating. That frustration often bleeds over into somebody throwing their hands up in frustration, voices being raised in anger, and other problems that can harm the relationship. The best way to sit down and honestly talk to your father about this situation is to try and understand the thoughts that are going through his mind. He may be frightened about the prospect of another heart attack. He may not fully realize he can recover from this and get back to a high quality of life. In fact, he may see his quality of life as being dramatically and permanently diminished and, as a result, there’s no real point in him trying to improve it. You know better because you’ve talked to his doctor about this.

So how do you begin discussing recovery was somebody who isn’t willing to listen at the moment?

You sit down and talk to them about things they enjoy, things they used to do they had to give up. You listen to what they have to say. And when you begin to understand their concerns, you can address them more clearly. When an elderly individual begins to realize he or she can get back to many of the things they used to enjoy, their ears might suddenly open up and they may be more willing to listen once again.


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