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How to Talk about Safety Issues with a Senior Living at Home Alone

Senior Home Safety in Coconut Creek FL

It’s not always easy talking about certain topics with a family member. When you’re trying to discuss safety issues with a senior family member who lives at home alone, you may be talking about a parent or grandparent. These individuals likely raised you and maybe even your siblings. They may Senior-Home-Safety-Coconut-Creek-FLhave also helped out with their grandchildren or even their great-grandchildren.

In other words, they have done a lot in their life to take care of other people and will likely have a difficult time accepting the fact they may need support now, too. However, it is an important topic to discuss because the moment a family member recognizes their elderly loved one may not be safe, or as safe as possible, within the comfort of their home, if something happens and they didn’t bring up the topic, they will feel guilty in the future.

Here is a cold hard reality to consider: 25% of seniors over the age of 65 will die with a year of breaking their hip as a result of an accidental slip and fall (American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons). While your loved one may not have fallen yet, the signs may very well be there that this could happen. Some of the most significant risk factors in any home exist in the bathroom and kitchen.

So how do you bring up the topic of senior home safety?

You begin by being honest. Express that you have some concerns about their safety. If the senior scoffs at you and tells you not to worry, that they’re fine, and if there are certain examples of them falling or having difficulty getting around on their own without some type of support, point that out.

Highlight the fact that you’re not attacking their capabilities but they also need to recognize their limitations. As people get older their body changes. It becomes more difficult with each passing year to maintain the muscle they had previously. Even if the elderly individual gets exercise on a regular basis and even works out with certain Nautilus style machines, that isn’t a guarantee they will stay as strong as they were the previous year.

Eventually that diminishing strength is going to affect their balance and their ability to maintain their balance if they begin to slip or lose it.

Talk about grab bars for the shower, nonslip mats for the bathroom floor and even around the kitchen sink, and pulling down items in the cupboards to the countertop where they are within reach.

When you are open and honest, it’s the best way to begin a conversation about senior home safety.


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Claudia Lobo

Claudia Lobo joined Star Multi Care Services as a Registered Nurse Supervisor in November of 2014. Claudia came to the Star family with extensive nursing experience that includes skills in home health, pediatrics, geriatrics, school nursing, asthma and allergies, research, case management, neonatal intensive care unit, mother/baby, cardiac and emergency room nursing. Her love of nursing, healthcare and business motivated her to grow within Star Multi Care Services. Prior to nursing, Claudia was in the banking industry for five years where she won the Frontline Award for highest gross sales in the South Florida Region. Claudia holds a Master in Business Administration degree from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She also holds a State of Florida Registered Nurse License. Claudia is bilingual with fluency in English and Spanish. In her spare time, Claudia enjoys reading and running.