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3 Ways to Reduce Slip and Fall Hazards at Home

Senior Home Safety in Hobe Sound, FL

Senior Home SafetySlip and fall accidents are one of the most significant causes of serious injuries among seniors at home. When looking for ways to improve safety for any senior living at home, whether they live alone or not, there are plenty of places to look at and things to consider.

Reducing slip and fall hazards is a matter of conscious effort. When you pay attention to the various risk factors that exist, even in your own home, and you begin to realize the challenges many seniors face as they get older, especially with regard to physical capabilities, the more you begin to see the hazards and how easy they are to remove.

Here are three ways to reduce some of those slip and fall hazards in the home.

1. Put non-slip mats in the bathroom.

In the bathroom, especially on linoleum or ceramic tile floor, water that gets on the floor can become extremely slick. It can be like stepping on ice, especially for those who have a bit of a challenge maintaining their balance. Applying nonslip pads throughout the bathroom floor, including around the toilet.

This will help the senior maintain their traction and balance.

2. Pay attention to the area around the kitchen sink.

Many people don’t give much thought to the floor area around the kitchen sink. Yet, when cleaning dishes water likely spills out onto the floor. When somebody is in sneakers, slippers, sandals, or other footwear, it may not be a major problem because of the traction many of these shoes offer.

When walking around in socks, smooth soled shoes, or even barefoot, that water can cause the floor to be slippery. Make sure there is a rug placed on top of a nonslip pad to reduce any potential slip and fall accidents in the kitchen.

3. Remove excess clutter.

If there’s a box placed out in the middle of a common walking area, a pocketbook is set down, or there are other items left out in the open where the elderly individual would tend to walk, these can become serious tripping hazards. Even a towel that’s left on the bathroom floor or clothing left on the bedroom floor can be hazards to somebody with limited mobility and strength in their legs.

When you focus on these three things, you will help to improve home safety for any senior, whether they’re living alone or not.

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Ellen Peitz

Director of Community Relations at Family Private Care, Inc.
Ellen joined Family Private Care in 2007.She has extensive experience in marketing, public relations, special events and relationship building.Her experience in the health care field began in New Jersey at MetPath Laboratories, where she was a successful Marketing Representative.Her public relations skills were honed at New York Bell Telephone Company and the Bogen Division of Lear Sigler, Inc. where she served as a Business Office Representative and Public Relations/Advertising Coordinator respectively.Ellen temporarily “retired” to raise two daughters born in 1977 and 1979.She was a stay-at-home mom for eight years…her most challenging position AND her most rewarding!

She returned to work on a part time basis where she served as volunteer coordinator at Martin County High School for four years and United Way as Communications Director for one year.She was then recruited to a position at the Visiting Nurse Association where she spent 14 years as Director of Community Relations.Her responsibilities included marketing, public relations, communications and fund raising.She is well known for her involvement in the Stuart Air Show, which became the largest and most exciting special event on the Treasure Coast, drawing spectators from Miami to Orlando and beyond.

From the VNA Ellen enjoyed two years as Vice President of Community Relations at HPS, Helping People Succeed, a non-profit organization serving people with disabilities.After a short stint at the Historical Society of Martin County she was recruited to Family Private Care, a private care referral service established in 1997.Family Private Care serves families in South Florida as well as in Lee, Collier and Sarasota Counties on the West Coast of Florida, with the highest quality of services and referrals.

Family Private Care specializes in helping people of all ages and abilities maintain their independence and enjoy the very best quality of life possible.