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4 Things to Know about Pneumonia to Help Reduce Hospital Readmission Risk

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Jupiter, FL

Reduce Hospital Readmission RatesRecovering from pneumonia can be challenging, especially for seniors. When they have been hospitalized, they could be there for several days or even weeks, depending on the severity of the illness, their physical capabilities, and other health issues.

Eventually, though, when they’re on the road to recovery they will be discharged and sent home. In order to reduce hospital readmission rates (meaning improving recovery), it’s important that anyone supporting them understands some basic things about this particular illness.

Pneumonia is extremely dangerous for seniors. Anyone with a compromised or weaker immune system is at an increased risk of fatality associated with pneumonia. This is especially true of infants and seniors.

Here are four things to know about pneumonia that can help family members and the senior make good decisions about the type of care they rely on when that senior is sent home from the hospital.

1. It’s absolutely essential the senior takes it easy.

With most other health issues, doctors often recommend that seniors get exercise and stay active. However, when it comes to pneumonia, it’s important that the elderly individual takes it easy and doesn’t overdo it. They will often feel much better when they are discharged and sent home, but that isn’t a green light to indicate they’re free and clear of this particular virus.

2. They need to stay properly hydrated.

Even though it may sound like there’s a lot of fluid in the lungs, mostly from that phlegmy cough, they are not drowning in their own fluids. They can still easily become dehydrated. The senior should be drinking at least eight glasses of water every day in order to stay properly hydrated, even when dealing with pneumonia.

3. That cough is important.

When somebody has pneumonia, they will generally have a phlegmy cough. This is the body trying to expel the virus from it. Suppressing the cough can actually make it more difficult for the body to recover from this particular illness.

4. Experienced care makes all the difference in the world.

By relying on an experienced caregiver hired through an agency, a senior who is fighting pneumonia will have the best chance of making a full recovery, thus having to avoid returning to the hospital anytime soon.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Jupiter, FL, contact the caring staff at BrightStar Care of Jupiter. Call today (561) 741-1200.

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Jack Nicol

BrightStar is a private duty Home Care Agency that provides unskilled and skilled care for people needing assistance in their home or a facility. We opened our agency in Jupiter, FL 6 years ago. Our service area is Northern Palm Beach & Martin Counties. BrightStar is a Home Care Agency not a Nurse Registry.

I have always been passionate about helping people. My entire adult life I have focused on giving back to the community. Five years ago when I decided I was not ready for retirement, I founded BrightStar and started a new career. Caring for people in need has proven to be very rewarding and proof that I made the right decision for my new career.

BrightStar Home Care is a Joint Commission Accredited Private Duty Home Care Agency. Our goal is to offer superior and passionate caregiving of skilled and unskilled services. We service those in need including special needs children/adults and the elderly throughout our community whether in their home or a facility. Our Joint Commission Accreditation holds our agency to a higher professional standard.