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Three Benefits to Relying on the Aid and Attendance Pension for Veterans

Care for Aging Veterans in Sunrise FL

The moment a veteran realizes he or she is having difficulty taking care of themselves, due to some type of disability, injury, or age, they might think to call on family or friends. It’s easy to assume family or friends are the best option, but an experienced and professional home care aide through an agency is far better.

Care for Aging Veterans in Sunrise FL

Care for Aging Veterans in Sunrise FL

Nothing beats experience when it comes to providing support and care for anyone, regardless of age, military service, or physical, emotional, or mental disability. For some veterans, they may not be able to afford a home care aide on their own. That’s where the Aid and Attendance Benefit can play an integral role in their life.

Not all veterans qualify for this pension, but for those who do, it’s a great idea to apply for it when home care support is absolutely needed. There are plenty of benefits to applying for the Aid and Attendance Benefit when the veteran believes he or she qualifies for it.

Benefit #1: It provides the option for experienced support. 

When people feel as though they can’t afford a professional home care aide, they turn to family or friends or simply try to ‘power their way through it.’

By having financial support and assistance in the form of the Aid in Attendance Benefit, which can provide more than $2,000 per month for home care services, it gives veterans a great option. It allows these veterans to call on experienced caregivers instead.

Benefit #2: It helps them feel less alone. 

When the people around us, family and friends, are going about their lives, going to work, raising children, playing games, going to the gym, and essentially enjoying life, and we are not, it can make us feel even more alone.

When you rely on a professional home care aide, these caregivers can offer companionship beyond just the physical assistance and support needed. This can help veterans feel less alone in the world.

Benefit #3: If they qualify, it’s an important financial support system.

For veterans who qualify for the Aid and Attendance Benefit, it can be important financial support. It means they won’t have to sacrifice good food or other basic essentials of life just to have the proper physical and emotional support they need at this point in their life.

The Aid and Attendance Benefit could be the best thing for many veterans who rely on home care support, whether it’s for short-term or long-term care.

If you or an aging loved one need help with care for aging veterans in Sunrise, FL, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Health. Call today! 954-486-6440

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Debbie Savage, RN, BSN

President and Director of Nursing at Responsive Home Health
Debbie Savage is a Registered Nurse and the President of Responsive Home Health. Ms. Savage founded Responsive in 1994 and she has a long history of caring for the elderly in Broward County. Prior to opening Responsive she owned and managed assisted living facilities.

Debbie says, "Being able to make a difference in a person's life is an honor. We are given that opportunity every day at Responsive Home Health and we take it seriously. It is often the little things we do, a kind voice of encouragement or a simple "helping hand" that can improve our clients' quality of life."

Debbie is very active in the community. She is an alumnus of Barry University, Leadership Broward Foundation and Hollywood Leadership. She also supports many other non-profits in the community.

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