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Vision Problems Are a Serious Issue to Address, Even as a Family Caregiver

Caregiver Stress in Juno Beach FL

As a family caregiver, you may have already begun experiencing a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. This stress and anxiety can follow you every day of your life. It can follow you home and impact your marriage or other personal relationships. It can follow you to work, impacting the quality of work you produce and even leading to some serious problems in your future.

Caregiver Stress in Juno Beach FL

Caregiver Stress in Juno Beach FL

Your time is going to be limited, especially if that family member requires a significant amount of care and support on a daily basis. You will likely begin giving up certain things you used to enjoy, time with friends, and even hobbies or other areas of interest that are relatively important to you.

One thing you should never give up, though, is taking care of your own health. As you deal with the stress and anxiety that comes along with being a family caregiver, you may experience certain symptoms that can compound the stress you feel. One of the symptoms could be blurry vision or dry eyes.

What can that feel like?

It’s late in the evening and you’ve just gotten back in your car after helping your mother get dressed and ready for bed. When she was safely tucked in bed, you couldn’t wait to get back home and hopefully relax for a few minutes before you crawl in bed yourself and struggle to fall asleep.

You blink your eyes a few times but can’t seem to focus. You turn the car on, flip the headlights on, back out of the driveway, and begin cruising down the road. Something doesn’t feel quite right. You feel as though you’re not seeing the road as clearly as you should. You pass it off as fatigue.

It’s no big deal, you think. By tomorrow you won’t even remember this feeling.

It may very well be no big deal, but it can also be the early signs or symptoms of something much more serious. October is (World) Blindness Awareness Month and whether you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or are older, the risk of vision related problems can increase with age.

Any time you’re experiencing problems with your ability to see clearly, especially as well as you did just a few days earlier, it could be the direct result of poor diet, not keeping properly hydrated, fatigue, or something a lot more serious. As a family caregiver, don’t put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation; the moment you begin experiencing vision problems of any kind, make an appointment with your eye doctor and have your vision checked properly.

If you simply don’t think you have the time to deal with that, not only should you be concerned about the long-term consequences if something is going wrong, but realize that a home care aide hired through an agency can give you a couple of hours one, two, or more days a week, at a minimum, to take care of yourself properly.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care to improve caregiver stress in Juno Beach, FL, contact the caring staff at BrightStar Care of Jupiter. Call today (561) 741-1200.

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Jack Nicol

BrightStar is a private duty Home Care Agency that provides unskilled and skilled care for people needing assistance in their home or a facility. We opened our agency in Jupiter, FL 6 years ago. Our service area is Northern Palm Beach & Martin Counties. BrightStar is a Home Care Agency not a Nurse Registry.

I have always been passionate about helping people. My entire adult life I have focused on giving back to the community. Five years ago when I decided I was not ready for retirement, I founded BrightStar and started a new career. Caring for people in need has proven to be very rewarding and proof that I made the right decision for my new career.

BrightStar Home Care is a Joint Commission Accredited Private Duty Home Care Agency. Our goal is to offer superior and passionate caregiving of skilled and unskilled services. We service those in need including special needs children/adults and the elderly throughout our community whether in their home or a facility. Our Joint Commission Accreditation holds our agency to a higher professional standard.

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