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Not Everyone’s Going to Agree on Home Care Options for Mom

Home Care for Seniors in Sunrise FL

Whether you have a relatively large family or a small one, if you have an elderly loved one who requires some type of care and support at home, good luck getting everyone to agree on the same things. You’re going to discover that some people think it’s best for the senior to move in with them. Others will believe assisted living or some other independent environment is the better option to consider at this point in time.

You, however, understand the value of home care support services. 

Home Care for Seniors in Sunrise FL

Home Care for Seniors in Sunrise FL

You looked into a wide range of senior care options in recent weeks and months and have discovered just how important it is for many people to remain at home, in the comfort of their own house. That’s especially true for seniors as they get older, especially if they’ve lived in the same place for most of their adult life.

How do you deal with all these different opinions? 

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has their idea about what’s right. When you sit down and talk about them, whether it’s with your brother, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, or anyone else, how can you come to a consensus?

Look to the senior first. 

It may seem like a good idea to sit down and talk about all of these options with other family members, but the first one with whom you should talk is a senior himself or herself. Doesn’t their opinion matter?

A lot of family members think they know what’s best, and their primary concern is keeping their loved ones safe. However, that negates what the senior might actually want.

Before discussing various senior care options with other family members regarding an elderly loved one, talk to that senior himself or herself directly.

Find out what he or she wants. Does he want to remain at home? Would she prefer to move in with her adult daughter or some other family member? Do they feel lonely? Do they like the idea of some other living environment where they can spend quality time with friends? Do they realize if they hire a home care aide they might be able to visit with friends more frequently as well?

Everyone has an opinion, but the one that truly matters most at this point in time is the senior who may rely on some type of home care or other senior care option. As long as the senior is comfortable with the decision, it really doesn’t matter if everyone else agrees.

If you or an aging loved one need help with home care for seniors in Sunrise, FL, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Health. Call today! 954-486-6440

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Debbie Savage, RN, BSN

President and Director of Nursing at Responsive Home Health
Debbie Savage is a Registered Nurse and the President of Responsive Home Health. Ms. Savage founded Responsive in 1994 and she has a long history of caring for the elderly in Broward County. Prior to opening Responsive she owned and managed assisted living facilities.

Debbie says, "Being able to make a difference in a person's life is an honor. We are given that opportunity every day at Responsive Home Health and we take it seriously. It is often the little things we do, a kind voice of encouragement or a simple "helping hand" that can improve our clients' quality of life."

Debbie is very active in the community. She is an alumnus of Barry University, Leadership Broward Foundation and Hollywood Leadership. She also supports many other non-profits in the community.

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