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A Reliable Home Care Aide Can Change a Senior’s Life for the Better

Home Care for Seniors in Tampa FL

John was relying on his family and friends for a lot of help during the first months after his wife of 58 years passed away. It was devastating, although not unexpected. She had been battling cancer and a number of other health issues for the final years of her life, and John was with her every step of the way.

Home Care for Seniors in Tampa FL

Home Care for Seniors in Tampa FL

Together, they had agreed to rely on home care as a last resort. John was going to do everything he could to take care of her and be the support she needed. Unfortunately, in the last two years, John’s own health and physical capabilities had diminished to the point where he was no longer able to be that rock for her.

Since she passed away, John’s children and friends have rallied around him. They worry about his emotional state of mind. They try to encourage him to get out, get active, and get reengaged in life.

He doesn’t seem to want any of that. He seems to prefer wallowing in his loneliness, sadness, and misery. It’s causing frustration for those who care so much about him, but it seems like there’s not much they can do.

A home care aide is what turned John’s life around.

During the last months of his wife’s life, they hired a home care aide to help her with a number of things throughout the day. This caregiver, a woman in her mid-40s, was a kind, compassionate, caring individual who not only offered the physical support his wife needed, she also offered encouragement, some good laughs, and was a bridge between John and his wife.

Now, John’s family is encouraging him to contact this agency and get this same caregiver working with him daily. He missed her company and decided to go ahead and try it. He didn’t think he really needed that kind of support, but within the first couple of weeks he was feeling reengaged, thinking about taking part in certain activities, going to the senior center in the evening for an art class, and pursuing things he had given up on a long time ago.

Sometimes seniors don’t need the physical support of a home care aide or other options, but they benefit tremendously from the emotional encouragement and support they get from those caregivers. John found this out firsthand and it saved his life. He would become forever grateful for this caregiver, not just for the work she did with his wife, but for helping him get back into his own life.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Tampa, FL,  contact the caring staff at Family Private Care. Call today (855) 465-0611.

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Deborah Irvine

Deborah Irvine and her husband reside in Martin County Florida. She has been married for 30 years and is the mother of two daughters. Deborah completed her nursing degree at Palm Beach Community College in 1986 and is a Registered Nurse. She also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies from Hobe Sound Bible College. Deborah worked for 9 years at Martin Memorial Hospital as a Medical/Surgical Nurse and then went into Home Health care, working for two years at a Medicare Home Health company. In 1997 Deborah went to work at Family Private Care where she started as an Independent Contractor nurse, and was soon promoted to the Director of Nursing, then became their General Manager and currently serves as Family Private Care’s President.

Deborah is a member of the Private Care Association and thereby stays involved in the political process both state-wide and national as it pertains to Nurse Registries and home care issues.

Deborah was appointed by the Commissioners of Martin County in 2005 to the board of the Treasure Coast Health Care Council where she served two terms.

Deborah has been committed to the Martin County community by serving in various roles through her church from being involved with children’s ministry through a Bus Ministry program in Indiantown to serving as a Sunday School teacher to Junior High children. Deborah continues to work with and actively supports a myriad of local community organizations.

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