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The New Year Offers New Possibilities for Recovery, So Take Full Advantage of Them

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Aventura FL

New Year’s resolutions are opportunities for people to make a fresh start. Many Americans look to New Year’s Day with hope for changes, a positive difference in their life, and the opportunity to make a fresh start.

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Aventura FL

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Aventura FL

For seniors who may be hospitalized or are set to be discharged and sent home, New Year’s Day can offer the same type of hope. This can be an opportunity for them to completely turn their life around. They may have suffered pneumonia because they weren’t taking care of themselves properly. Maybe they had a heart attack because of their poor diet and lack of exercise.

If the doctor has recommended exercise, working with a physical therapist, and relying on an experienced home care aide, these are things the senior should seriously consider doing.

What can exercise do?

Depending on the senior’s physical capabilities and health issues, exercise can be instrumental at helping him or her regain strength, help their heart get stronger, and avoid complications that can return them to the hospital all too quickly.

While hospitals are focused on reducing readmission rates, seniors are focused on getting back to life as they knew it before their hospitalization.

Here are a few things the new year can offer, opportunities per se, for a senior who has recently been hospitalized.

The chance to hire help.

When we have a tendency to go it alone, we may get ourselves in unnecessary trouble. There’s no need to do that, especially when facing a potentially lengthy recovery.

Hiring a home care aide with experience can be an incredible benefit to any senior dealing with a health situation, whether it’s recovering from a medical emergency or major surgery.

Realize that physical therapy may be essential.

If the doctor has recommended physical therapy and the senior is adamantly opposed to it, the new year can offer him or her the opportunity to change their mind.

A lot of people don’t like to be wrong about various things, but New Year’s Day is a chance to change without having to be thought of as inconsistent, even in their own mind.

They can plan out activities.

The senior can make their own New Year’s resolutions, including activities they want to pursue. Maybe he or she wants to learn how to go dancing. Maybe their interest is in ballroom dancing. If they recover and get back to their strength, they may be able to do this.

It’s an opportunity to develop concise goals.

Concise goals include specific target dates for achieving various milestones. New Year’s Day is an opportunity for seniors to sit down and discuss their goals, write them down, and develop a plan to achieve them.

One of the best ways to help them achieve those goals is by hiring and relying upon an experienced home care aide.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care services in Adventura, FL, please contact the caring staff at Providence Healthcare Services. Call (305) 680-5349.

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Nercy Radcliffe

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