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Caring for an Aging Loved One Viewed as More Stressful Than Divorce

Caregiver Stress Deerfield Beach FL

What is the most stressful possible situation you could imagine in your life? Most of us deal with stress on a regular basis. It could have to do with work, relationships, financial pressure, and so much more. For more than 44 million Americans (AARP), the stress of being a caregiver for an adult loved one piles onto everything else.

Caregiver Stress Deerfield Beach FL

Caregiver Stress Deerfield Beach FL

In fact, when looking at poll numbers, it becomes clear that many people who have experienced the stress and anxiety of being a caregiver, whether it’s for a spouse, adult child who is disabled, or even aging parents, this is considered far more stressful than divorce, losing a loved one, and even losing a house due to bankruptcy.

In fact, out of those polled, 84 percent claimed that caregiver stress was the most difficult thing they’ve ever had to deal with in their life. Considering how difficult some divorces can be, this is quite a statement.

What could that mean for you, if you’re a family caregiver right now?

If you’ve recently begun taking care of an aging parent, for example, you may not be experiencing much stress. Yet, that will likely change in the weeks and months ahead. This is especially true if the care is going to be required for an extended period of time.

Perhaps you’ve only just started taking care of a loved one, and they haven’t required very much assistance. Or, even if they do require a tremendous amount of care, having only done it for a few days or even a week isn’t exposing you to the kind of stress and pressure that many of these other family caregivers across the country have been dealing with for months and even years.

It will likely begin to affect your personal relationships, even your own marriage. It might limit the amount of time you spend with friends or pursue other areas of interest. It may even affect your work life.

Never underestimate the impact of stress can have in your life.

Stress from any root cause can have tremendous impacts, even repercussions that last for years, in many areas of your life. The stress of being a caregiver can destroy marriages, break down relationships with your children and friends, cause you to lose your job, and even put you in a financial bind you never thought possible.

It may seem reasonable to take care of a loved one because of the personal connection, but when you begin understanding how stress affects you and not just the external aspects of your life, but also your health, hopefully it makes you realize it’s time to seriously consider the prospect of hiring a professional and experienced home care aide, at least to help out.

If you or an aging loved one need help with home care services in Deerfield Beach, FL, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Health. Call today! 954-486-6440

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Debbie Savage, RN, BSN

President and Director of Nursing at Responsive Home Health
Debbie Savage is a Registered Nurse and the President of Responsive Home Health. Ms. Savage founded Responsive in 1994 and she has a long history of caring for the elderly in Broward County. Prior to opening Responsive she owned and managed assisted living facilities.

Debbie says, "Being able to make a difference in a person's life is an honor. We are given that opportunity every day at Responsive Home Health and we take it seriously. It is often the little things we do, a kind voice of encouragement or a simple "helping hand" that can improve our clients' quality of life."

Debbie is very active in the community. She is an alumnus of Barry University, Leadership Broward Foundation and Hollywood Leadership. She also supports many other non-profits in the community.

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