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What Is a ‘Complication’ Following a Hospitalization?

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Palm Beach FL

Reduce Hospital Readmission RatesFollowing a hospital stay, a senior will probably be facing some length of time for his or her recovery. It could be just a matter of weeks or many months. The doctor has probably provided a list of instructions that individual should follow. The main goal is to reduce hospital readmission rates, or basically keep the recovery on track.
From time to time, though, there can be complications.

What is a complication, exactly? It is generally referred to as something that isn’t going according to plan. It’s something that, when you’re discussing recovery, could lead a person back to the hospital.

It’s not something a person wants to hear. No one really wants to hear their doctor say, “There’s been a complication.” Why would we want to deal with that? We don’t, really.

There are two basic kinds of complications a person may face when they are in recovery. The first has to do with unforeseen circumstances.

The human body is an incredibly complex machine. There are so many working parts that a doctor may not recognize certain issues that can cause problems later on. This doesn’t mean the doctor was committing malpractice or something devious. It also doesn’t mean he or she was being negligent in their duties. It simply refers to the fact there are so many different components that have to work together for recovery to go smoothly that something not seen or observed could come up later on.

Another type of complication is where a person doesn’t follow instructions properly.

If the senior isn’t getting exercise as their doctor directed, how could that affect their recovery? It can have a dramatic impact on recovery. In fact, if a person had a heart attack and was hospitalized for a few days, underwent a series of tests, and his doctor recommended exercise every day for at least 15 minutes, and he doesn’t do it, he’s not helping his heart get stronger.

That could have complications such as another heart attack or some other myocardial condition that could quickly escalate into an emergency.

There are many things seniors can do to avoid complications during recovery. The most significant is to rely on the experience of a home care aide. The senior might need a visiting nurse, physical therapist, and other medical professional, but an aide can be extremely beneficial at helping them understand the process, stay on track, be reminded about exercise or medications (when it’s time to take them) and helping them stay positive.

Whenever a person is in recovery at home, an aide is an invaluable asset.

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Marina Ramirez

Marina Ramirez is the owner and Administrator of Assisting Hands Palm Beach.Prior to opening Assisting Hands Palm Beach in 2012, her professional experience included over twenty years in Finance, Marketing and Customer Service at both national and multinational organizations. Her professional life was guided by a commitment to exceptional quality and service.

Marina gained first-hand understanding of the difficulties of taking care of an aging parent when her mother passed away and she and her sisters became the primary caregivers of their father, who had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and after several difficult years eventually succumbed to the ravages of this disease. At the same time, she saw her mother in law struggling for many years to take care of her husband, who suffered from Parkinson’s. These heartfelt experiences made her realize the need for quality in home care for the elderly and moved her to create Assisting Hands Palm Beach.
Fluent in both Spanish and English, Marina has a BA from Georgetown University and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley and enjoys reading, gardening, travelling and sharing the simple joys of life her husband and teenage daughter.

The guiding mission for Assisting Hands, a commitment to quality home care and excellent customer service, combined with empathy and passion, allows us to provide “Quality Home Care You Can Trust!”