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Three Ideas That May Inspire Mom to Focus More on Her Recovery This Winter

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Delray Beach FL

It’s not always easy for a senior to stick to their recovery. Your mother may have been hospitalized recently and since she was sent home, you’re having a difficult time keeping her focused. She may be a bit withdrawn, dismissive of the exercises she supposed to do, or have other issues at hand.

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Delray Beach FLIt’s always best to rely on the experience of a home care aide to support an elderly individual throughout their recovery, because not only will this help reduce readmission rates, it also relies on a person’s experience working with other seniors going through many of the same challenges.

In the meantime, while you may discuss home care options with your mother, here are three ideas that may help inspire her to focus more on the recovery now, during winter, which can be a difficult season to endure.

Inspirational Idea #1: Think about summer.

Spring and summer are often considered the favorite seasons for many people, regardless of age. For seniors, especially if they live in the northern portion of the country, spring and summer can be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Start talking about summer. Start talking about the things your mother typically enjoys doing during the summer, such as gardening, visiting with friends, or maybe even going to the beach and sitting in a chair reading while relaxing under the warmth of the summer sun.

When she starts thinking about summer, remind her that if she’s not fully recovered, she could miss out on some of the things she normally enjoys doing during that season.

Inspirational Idea #2: An impromptu family reunion.

Your mother may be feeling cooped up at home, especially during the winter. Plan an impromptu family reunion. Get as many family members to come into the area at the same time, maybe for a weekend to visit with your mother. She could share memories, spend time with others, and that can help inspire her to get back to her full strength, if possible.

Inspirational Idea #3: Encourage activity.

If you want to help inspire your mother through her recovery, encourage activity. Many family members discourage certain activities for their elderly loved ones because they worry about safety, but experienced home care aides understand how important it is for seniors and others to remain as active as they can and want to be.

When you encourage activity, you help your mother see that you are going to support her and what she wants to do, within reason. That can help her through her recovery and ultimately avoid a hospital readmission.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care services to reduce hospital readmission rates in Delray Beach, FL, please contact the caring staff at Levin Home Care. Call (855) 980-6620.

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Jeff Schetzel

Regional Marketing Manager at Levin Home Care
My name is Jeffrey Schetzel and I am the Regional Manager for Levin HomeCare Nurse Registry located in Delray Beach Florida. I am responsible for the sales and marketing in seven offices from Miami north to Ormond Beach Florida.Levin HomeCare provides refers private duty services to clients that need that extra assistance in either their home, elder communities or even hospitals.

I am originally from Connecticut and grew up in the small town of Ellington.I have a diverse background in health care which I started at the age of 16.I became an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and volunteered with the Ellington Ambulance Post 512. Ellington was the only volunteer ambulance group that staffed EMS calls with high school students during the day with an advisor driver.I then became a member of the Ellington Fire Department Station 43 in 1990 and became fire fighter 1 certified in 1992. During my nine years as a volunteer fire fighter I obtained certifications in confined space rescue, cold water rescue, pre hospital trauma life support certifications to list a few.I had the opportunity to work on an Advanced Life Support Ambulance with American Medical Response based out of Stafford Springs, and also became an EMS certified Dispatcher for the same company.

I became a Florida resident in 2003 where I started my senior services career at an Assisted Living community in 2004/2005.Since then I have volunteered on the Alzheimer’s Association walk committee’s and have assisted with other charities in the community. I have been married since 2007 and we were blessed with our first daughter in 2008 and our second daughter in 2010.Our girls keep us quite busy with after school activities which includes gymnastics and softball. I enjoy fishing, free diving, watching football, and playing softball. I also enjoy camping and lots of family time making lasting memories with my girls.

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