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Someone with Alzheimer’s Can Remember ‘Episodes’ That Arise

Alzheimer’s Care in Miami FL

There are going to be times when a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can’t remember conversations, things they did previously, or even episodes of anxiety, frustration, or outbursts that happen. It’s easy to assume these episodes are a thing of the past, that the senior was not aware of what was going on at the moment.

In reality, they can be aware of them.

There are seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia who have readily admitted they were aware of situations when they didn’t recognize their surroundings, were acting agitated, or were acting in a way that was atypical of their normal behavior.

Many of these seniors admit they knew it was going on, they knew the struggle they were dealing with, but couldn’t control certain aspects of it.

There may be situations you have to deal with in a tempered manner.

Alzheimer's Care in Miami FLSome of the situations could involve frustration and outbursts. These outbursts could be physical or verbal. For example, somebody diagnosed with Alzheimer’s may become agitated because they can’t seem to remember where they are, the people with them, or something they were doing.

They could try to remember, knowing what they’re dealing with (the Alzheimer’s, for example), but become overwhelmed with the frustration of the moment. Suddenly, they might begin yelling at a person trying to help them, begin throwing things out of frustration, and that is completely atypical of their normal behavior.

At the moment, they can’t control things, even though they may be aware of something going on outside of their usual control.

How does this help a family member or friend of somebody with Alzheimer’s?

It should highlight the fact that there are factors beyond a person’s control when they have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Family and friends are often the ones stepping up to help out, providing assistance and support to that elderly individual.

However, most of these family members and friends have no prior experience doing this type of work. They don’t know how to deal with these situations. They may even take some of those verbal outbursts or physical aggression a bit too personally.

That’s not going to solve anything. In fact, it can make certain things worse.

The best thing anyone can do when a loved one with Alzheimer’s needs extra care and support is to sit down and talk about the prospect of hiring a home care aide. An experienced aide would likely have more tools and understanding at their disposal to help provide comfort that senior needs during those ‘episodes.’

If you or an aging loved one are considering Alzheimer’s care in Miami, FL, please contact the caring staff at Providence Healthcare Services. Call (305) 680-5349

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Nercy Radcliffe

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