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A Senior’s Self-Esteem May Impact His Safety

It’s easy to overlook the impact that self-esteem can have on a person’s life. It can be so critical for people of all ages, but what about seniors? If a senior is feeling down about his or her physical capabilities, has had to withdraw from activities, and has been dealing with loss of friends and other loved ones through the years, it can cause a host of challenges.

Some of those challenges can negatively impact his or her safety. Let’s take a look at some issues that may impact safety that are closely tied to a person’s self-esteem.

Depression may lead to less focus.

Senior Home Safety in Sunrise FL: Self-Esteem

Senior Home Safety in Sunrise FL: Self-Esteem

Most people have gone through some level of depression in their life. Clinical depression should only be diagnosed by a licensed medical professional, most notably a doctor or psychologist, but the majority of people have probably not dealt with clinical depression. Being depressed for a few days is a lot different than clinical depression.

When a person feels depressed, what do they have a tendency to do? They may withdraw from certain activities, but they may also be less focused on any tasks they happen to be taking part in at the moment.

In other words, if an elderly individual is feeling a bit depressed, he or she may not be paying attention when going up and down the stairs. That loss of focus can dramatically increase safety issues.

Not caring about exercise.

If somebody is feeling depressed or anxious, they may be less inclined to worry about their health and fitness. If they don’t exercise, especially seniors, their rate of muscle loss can increase significantly. If it increases quickly, they may try to perform tasks that put them at unnecessary risk.


When a person withdraws from family or friends, either due to depression or not seeing any value in it at the moment, it can actually increase safety issues. Perhaps those family members or friends were helping them with various tasks around the house.

If they withdraw from those individuals or activities, they may be unwilling to accept or even ask for assistance. When that happens, they either have a choice: try to do those things by themselves, thus putting them at increased risk, or letting them go. If they let certain things go, they could deal with a dirty house, items left in common walking areas, and that can pose tripping hazards.

Helping a senior feel good about themselves and their future can actually pay dividends to helping them get and stay safe in the future.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care services to improve senior home safety in Sunrise, FL, please contact the caring staff at Responsive Home Health. Call today! 954-486-6440

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Debbie Savage, RN, BSN

President and Director of Nursing at Responsive Home Health
Debbie Savage is a Registered Nurse and the President of Responsive Home Health. Ms. Savage founded Responsive in 1994 and she has a long history of caring for the elderly in Broward County. Prior to opening Responsive she owned and managed assisted living facilities.

Debbie says, "Being able to make a difference in a person's life is an honor. We are given that opportunity every day at Responsive Home Health and we take it seriously. It is often the little things we do, a kind voice of encouragement or a simple "helping hand" that can improve our clients' quality of life."

Debbie is very active in the community. She is an alumnus of Barry University, Leadership Broward Foundation and Hollywood Leadership. She also supports many other non-profits in the community.

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