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Can Dependents of Veterans Get Home Care Help?

When people think about the Aid and Attendance Benefit, they think it’s only available to veterans who need some type of home care. It can also provide financial support and assistance to dependents of veterans. These dependents can be an adult child who may have a disability, a spouse, or some other individual who is living in the same house and who is officially declared independent of that veteran.

Surviving spouses of eligible veterans may also qualify.

 Care for Aging Veterans in Miami FL: Aid for Dependents

Care for Aging Veterans in Miami FL: Aid for Dependents

The surviving spouse of a veteran who would have qualified for the Aid and Attendance Benefit, but who may not have required any type of home care support in his life, may be eligible to receive financial assistance for home care for themselves.

That surviving spouse needs to be able to show that home care is absolutely necessary right now. If they have a specific, documented need for home care and can’t afford it on their own, and if their spouse was a veteran who would have qualified as a wartime veteran, they may be able to fill out the application, submit it, and begin receiving assistance for home care services.

It all depends on the dependency.

A veteran who takes in another family member and provides them shelter, food, and assistance may be doing a favor for a sibling or other loved one, but that doesn’t necessarily constitute dependent.

If that individual requires home care services because they have a severe disability, that still won’t change their relationship with the veteran.

Spouses and children in need may qualify.

If the veteran, whether he’s still alive or has passed away, has a spouse or child who is considered dependent on him or her, and who has extreme financial limitations, especially with limited income and few assets, they may qualify for some financial assistance that would be used to pay for home care aides and other support services.

Every situation is different.

It’s important to understand that when a situation changes, even if an application has already been submitted and the family is awaiting approval, they will need to resubmit the application all over again. For example, if a veteran and his spouse filed for financial support through the Aid and Attendance pension and the veteran passes away (or the spouse passed away) before approval comes through, they would need to resubmit a brand-new application.

Yes, that can be frustrating, but that’s part of the process.

If you or an aging loved one are considering care for an aging veteran in Miami, FL, please contact the caring staff at Providence Healthcare Services. Call (305) 680-5349

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