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Certain Games May Actually Help Seniors Improve Focus

Would you have ever thought that playing certain types of games would benefit your safety? For seniors who may be experiencing the natural process of aging and are losing muscle mass, it might seem a bit odd to even consider the value in playing games. However, safety can actually be improved for seniors and others when they start looking into playing various games.

What is it about certain games?

Senior Home Safety in Doral FL: Improving Focus

Senior Home Safety in Doral FL: Improving Focus

The best types of games to consider playing are strategic thinking games. It doesn’t necessarily have to be games, though, either. It can also be a crossword puzzle, for example. By taking on these activities, it helps to exercise the brain.

Exercising the brain improves focus.

One of the major risk factors for people of all ages when it comes to safety issues at home is concentration. If a person is not sleeping well at night they will lose focus. If they seem distracted and are overwhelmed with a great deal of stress and anxiety in their life, they won’t be focused on the task they have in front of them.

For example, let’s talk about kitchen safety.

If you were preparing a meal at home and had a great deal of stress from your job, where is your focus going to be? Most of the time you may take out some fruits and vegetables, meat, and other items to prepare a nice, healthy meal, and while you may focus on the task at hand at first, eventually your thoughts begin to wander, especially when you’re cutting up items you’ve done a hundred times before.

Suddenly you slice your finger. You didn’t get cut because you have no idea what you’re doing. After all, you’ve done this thousands upon thousands of times before. You got injured because you weren’t concentrating.

You lost focus.

For an elderly person having difficulty at home, a loss of focus can be the result of difficulty sleeping, stress about their health issues, and even a tendency to watch too much TV and not get their brain the exercise it needs.

The brain is a muscle and just like any other muscle the body it needs exercise to stay in peak condition. If the senior is not exercising their brain they will have more difficulty staying focused and concentrating on the task at hand, which can include simply walking around the house, and that can lead to increased safety risks.

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