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Which Home Care Option Can Help Mom with Her Medications?

It hasn’t been easy to look after your elderly mother, but you’re doing the best you can. One thing you’re concerned about, though, is your limited amount of time. You’ve talked to her about these issues and the stress you’ve been feeling as a family caregiver and she has agreed to rely on home care for a few days a week, at least, to start.

Home Care for Seniors in Doral FL: Visiting Nurses

Home Care for Seniors in Doral FL: Visiting Nurses

You’re considering a variety of home care options, but what is most pressing for you is the need for your mother to get assistance with her medications. She may have trouble keeping track of them, taking them, or there may be some other direct medical assistance that’s required.

A home care aide cannot help with this.

A home care aide is not going to be legally permitted to administer medications. That means he or she would not be able to even touch the prescription bottle. They can offer reminders for your mother and assist her in getting to the bathroom or wherever else the medication is stored, but that’s the extent of what they can do.

What you may need is a visiting nurse.

If you need somebody who can assist with the administration of those medications, possibly even changing an IV drip, taking vital statistics, or assisting her with checking her blood glucose levels if she is diabetic, then she needs a visiting nurse.

There are many different types of nurses, and while each one can perform different tasks, you need somebody who is fully licensed and certified to administer medications.

Does this mean you need a visiting nurse for an entire day?

No. A visiting nurse is most likely going to cost more than a home care aide. That means your mother might benefit by relying on a home care aide during the day or possibly a couple of different aides at various times throughout the day and a visiting nurse for an hour or two each day.

It all depends on her specific needs.

As long as you understand her needs and what the expectations are, it will be easier for you to communicate that to an agency. Most home care agencies across the country have a great deal of experience providing the type of home care support each elderly or disabled client needs. Working with an agency makes it easier to coordinate services your mother will require at this point in her life and that can provide you comfort knowing she’s in good hands.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care for seniors in Doral, FL, please contact the caring staff at Providence Healthcare Services. Call (305) 680-5349.

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