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Does Gender Matter when Dealing with Caregiver Stress?

Whether you’re a man or woman, being a caregiver, whether it’s for a friend, family member, or as part of your job, can be a stressful situation. In the United States, 80 percent of the caregivers happen to be female. The average age for a family caregiver is around 49 (Forbes). As people get older, they will be dealing with their own health issues and that can complicate their ability to take care of an elderly or disabled loved one.

When it comes to caregiver stress and anxiety, gender makes no difference.

Caregiver Stress in Cutler Bay FL: Does Gender Matter?

Caregiver Stress in Cutler Bay FL: Does Gender Matter?

Women as well as men can be affected in many of the same ways by caregiver stress. Caregiver stress is basically pressure and anxiety that begin to develop because of limited time, excessive worries and concerns about their loved one, and not feeling as though they have time enough to do everything that needs to get done throughout the day.

When many family members begin caring for an elderly or disabled loved one, they often do it out of a sense of responsibility. They simply feel this is what they are supposed to do.

For example, an adult child in her 50s may feel as though she owes it to her mother to take care of her. After all, her mother had been there for her most of her adult life. When people begin looking after aging parents out of a sense of responsibility, they are more likely to give up things that they enjoy, such as spending time with their friends, exercising at the gym, pursuing certain hobbies, and so on.

When they start giving these things up, they’re more likely to give up even more in the future. That can exasperate the stress they feel.

Gender does matter, though, for who requires care.

When a person hires a home care aide through an agency for an elderly female family member, they are not going to get a male caregiver, in most situations. There may be extreme situations where this is necessary, but in most cases a female caregiver will be the one taking care of a female patient.

It’s also more likely that this would happen because of the vast gender gap among caregivers in the United States.

Some people will have preconceived notions about certain genders.

Some will see female caregivers as being more kind and compassionate. Some will see male caregivers as being stronger and able to provide physical support more effectively for some larger clients. These preconceived notions don’t hold truth and they certainly don’t have much impact in the realm of caregiver stress.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care to reduce caregiver stress in Cutler Bay, FL, please contact the caring staff at Providence Healthcare Services. Call (305) 680-5349.

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Nercy Radcliffe

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