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Getting to Know Dad’s Neighbors Might Keep Him Safer at Home

How well do you know your neighbors? In today’s society, there isn’t nearly the same kind of value placed on neighborhoods as there was several decades ago. What about your father’s neighbors?

Senior Home Safety in Hialeah FL: Getting to Know the Neighbors

Senior Home Safety in Hialeah FL: Getting to Know the Neighbors

Does he know the people around him?

Maybe your father’s been living in the same house for decades. Maybe he knows just about everyone in the neighborhood. That’s great and wonderful, but what about you? Do you know anything about them?

Maybe he’s talked about them from time to time.

He may have mentioned their needs. He may have talked about things they had been doing recently. He may even focus on a couple of neighbors who do nefarious things or cause him to be upset about one thing or another. If you are concerned about the safety and well-being of your father, it’s a good idea to get to know at least some of his neighbors.

Sure, you may be more than willing to stop over and help him every once in a while, but the people who are there, living right around him, are going to have a better perspective than you who may only be able to stop by once or twice a week, at best.

How can you get to know your father’s neighbors?

Ask him to introduce you to some of them. Explain any safety concerns you may have about him. He may brush off your concerns and say he’s fine, but that’s not going to assuage your concerns.

Get out there and meet some of these people. Some will be hostile. Some won’t want to bother. Some will be engaging. Some will truly have a sincere concern for him and his well-being. These are the ones with whom you should get in contact. These are the people who could look out for your father, keep an eye on him, and make sure he is safe, at least as safe as possible.

When people look out for one another, when they have the best interests of these other men and women at the forefront of their mind, it can be beneficial to not just your father’s safety, but you as well. Far too often we have a tendency to overlook the power of neighborhoods, and in today’s society when people don’t place the same kind of emphasis on relationships with neighbors as they did generations ago, it may not seem all that important.

When it comes to safety for any senior, getting to know your father’s neighbors can help to improve it.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care to improve senior home safety in Hialeah, FL, please contact the caring staff at Providence Healthcare Services. Call (305) 680-5349.

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Nercy Radcliffe

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