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Caring for an Elderly Veteran Won’t Be Easy for His Spouse

Most veterans served their country with honor and dignity. They took a great deal of pride in enlisting or, if they were drafted, many of them still did their best in a tough situation during Vietnam. For elderly veterans, when they face new challenges because of physical limitations and diminished strength, it might fall upon their spouse to support them.

Care for Aging Veterans in Ormond Beach FL: Caring for a Spouse

Care for Aging Veterans in Ormond Beach FL: Caring for a Spouse

This is not going to be easy.

That’s why aging veterans should consider home care support services. Unfortunately, not every veteran in his 60s, 70s, or 80s is going to have the financial resources to hire a home care aide, visiting nurse, or other caregiver.

Some aging veterans don’t see the point in relying on home care support when they have their spouse ready to step up and take care of them. Over time, though, the longer this goes on, the more it’s going to press upon them how difficult this job is. Their spouse will become tired, may become worn down, and he or she might very well face some serious health issues that are directly related to the work and support they do helping this elderly veteran.

What can they do, though, when they don’t have much money?

If this person is considered a wartime veteran, meaning he or she served at least one day of active duty during a time of official combat, they might want to look into the Aid and Attendance Benefit.

This is a pension that was developed after World War I to help soldiers who had been injured and disabled during battle. It now provides coverage for veterans from all walks of life, whether they were actually injured or disabled during their time of service or not.

The veteran needs to have served at least 90 days active duty (with a minimum of one day falling during World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, or the Gulf War). If they served any time during the Gulf War, they need to have served a minimum of two years active duty.

The veteran needs to be able to show home care is absolutely necessary at this point in his or her life. They must also show that their income and assets, combined, do not exceed $119,000, which is the current threshold limit.

For those veterans who may qualify, this can be a great relief to their spouse who could very well be pushing themselves way beyond their limitations.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care for an aging veteran in Ormond Beach, FL, please contact the caring staff at Levin Home Care. Call (855) 980-6620.

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Christie Bielenda

Christie Bielenda

Director of Marketing at Levin Home Care
Christie Bielenda is a native of Florida and has lived in Port Orange, Florida since 1976.Since 2015, Christie has been the Director of Marketing for Levin Home Care and Ambassador Health Services.Her territories cover Volusia and Flagler Counties.She has been in the health care industry for more than 10 years now, and enjoys touching the lives she encounters.Her loss of family members to Alzheimers Disease has motivated her to help others facing the same hardship.Her desire to make a difference is what drives her work ethic.She is a proud member of Calvary Christian Center and enjoys giving back to her community by assisting the homeless and less fortunate.Her focus is to encourage people and bring smiles to the hearts she touches.
Christie Bielenda

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