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Caring for an Elderly Veteran Won’t Be Easy for His Spouse

By Christie Bielenda | Oct 9, 2017

Most veterans served their country with honor and dignity. They took a great deal of pride in enlisting or, if they were drafted, many of them still did their best in a tough situation during Vietnam. For elderly veterans, when they face new challenges because of physical limitations and diminished strength, it might fall upon…

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Stories of Service Could Help Veterans See the Benefit of Home Care

By Ted Wolfendale, Esq. | Jul 12, 2017

Not every person is the same and their motivations for doing things may differ from friends, family, and others they’ve read about. Many people who joined the United States military did so out of a desire to serve others. Some may do it to earn tuition for college, to learn new skills, or to be…

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Aging Veterans, Pets, and Proper Care and Support

By Christie Bielenda | Jun 2, 2017

As people get older, they may face challenges with their physical capabilities. For an elderly veteran, having a pet can be a wonderful support system at home. Pets can offer seniors great companionship, but what happens when that aging veteran can no longer take care of himself, much less a pet? Home care may be…

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Can You Increase the Amount You Receive from Aid and Attendance?

By Liza Erazo | Mar 17, 2017

When a veteran qualifies for the Aid and Attendance Benefit, which offers financial assistance to pay for home care services, at some point in time they may require more care at home. If that happens, are they able to increase the amount they receive from the VA? Every case is different. This may seem like…

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