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Why Are There Limits or Caps on Aid and Attendance Benefits?

By Jon Fedele | Mar 23, 2018

The Aid and Attendance Benefit is a pension made available by the Veterans Administration. It was initially developed after World War I to help soldiers who had been injured and disabled during combat. Through the years, though, it was expanded and now provides financial support to veterans from all walks of life, of any age,…

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Before Taking Out a Reverse Mortgage for Home Care, See If the Veteran Might Qualify for Aid and Attendance

By Liza Erazo | Dec 13, 2017

There are so many financial advisors, consultants, and so-called ‘gurus’ admonishing people to do this thing or that in order to make life a little bit easier. Many of these experts admonish people to pay attention to the retirement savings and get started as early as possible. For some seniors, including aging veterans, they may…

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How Can Family Help an Aging Veteran When They Can’t Afford Home Care Support?

By Ted Wolfendale, Esq. | Dec 11, 2017

John’s daughter, who is 54, had been trying to help them for quite some time. As a veteran of the Korean War, John had served his country with pride and dignity, and though he had seen combat, he never really talked much about it with anyone back in the states. At 86, he was widowed…

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Caring for an Elderly Veteran Won’t Be Easy for His Spouse

By Christie Bielenda | Oct 9, 2017

Most veterans served their country with honor and dignity. They took a great deal of pride in enlisting or, if they were drafted, many of them still did their best in a tough situation during Vietnam. For elderly veterans, when they face new challenges because of physical limitations and diminished strength, it might fall upon…

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