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Since 1997, Family Private Care has specialized in helping families in South Florida find the very best private duty home healthcare professionals in the business. Whether you are looking for joyful companionship to assist with everyday activities so you can continue your independent lifestyle, or you need more advanced personal care or medical assistance in your home, Family Private Care can match you with a caregiver who will help you achieve your goals and provide you and your family with peace of mind.

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  • Reasons Your Dad May Become Depressed and Ways You Can Help Him Cope October 13, 2017
    According to Mental Health America, about two million Americans over the age of 64 suffer from depression. There are three main reasons why your dad may become depressed. If he is, there are ways you can help him. Diagnosed With a Chronic Disease Seniors face a few chronic diseases. Some are less terrifying than others,… […]
    Ellen Peitz, Executive Director of Community Relations
  • Knowing When to Push and Back Off – Tips for Parenting for Your Parent October 11, 2017
    Your teen years were filled with struggles against your parents. You wanted more freedom. Shorter curfews, more room to make decisions, less control on their part. Now the roles are reversed. Your parents need help with daily activities of living, but they don’t want your help. They feel they’re fully capable of caring for themselves.… […]
    Debbie Irvine, RN, President
  • Is It Time for Mom to Go to Driving School or Time to Hand Over the Keys? October 10, 2017
    One of the most difficult decisions you’ll make is taking away your mom’s keys. Sometimes, you’ll have a doctor saying it’s safer and needs to be done. You may have to take her keys away because she crashed into something due to slowed reaction times. You may be on the fence. If this is the… […]
    Ellen Peitz, Executive Director of Community Relations
  • Rainy Day Activities That Help Keep Both You and Your Dad From Feeling Cooped Up October 6, 2017
    Rainy weather creates gloomy moods when it comes day after day. Your dad is retired and tired of being stuck inside. You want to get him out of the house, but it’s raining again. Here are some rainy day activities that help you avoid feeling cooped up. Put on a Movie or Two Make some… […]
    Debbie Irvine, RN, President
  • Identities Are Stolen Every Two Seconds – Is Your Dad Really Safe? October 4, 2017
    Reports find that someone’s identity is stolen every two seconds. The 2017 Identity Fraud Study reports there was a 16 percent increase in 2016 with 15.4 people becoming the victims of identity fraud. Everyone is at risk, even your dad. While seniors may not be as eager to jump into online banking and shopping, they… […]
    Ellen Peitz, Executive Director of Community Relations
  • Spending Time Outside Can Help Lower Blood Pressure October 3, 2017
    What do you really know about blood pressure? Two numbers make up your blood pressure. The top number (systolic) is the pressure of the blood against artery walls when the heart beats. The bottom number (diastolic) is the pressure of the blood against artery walls between beats. The target blood pressure for an adult is… […]
    Debbie Irvine, RN, President