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Home Care for Seniors in Brandon FL: Staying Positive

Keeping Family Positive When Parents Struggle with Their Health

By Deborah Irvine | Oct 20, 2017

John, Rachel, and Tyler were all close. As siblings only separated by three years, they grew up together, played together, competed against one another, and dealt with many of the same sibling challenges that other brothers and sisters all around the world face every year. As adults, they were a close-knit family and live relatively…

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Home Care for Seniors in Coconut Creek FL: Developing a Relationship

How Can You Establish a Relationship with a Home Care Aide When You Know Almost Nothing About What They Do?

By Liza Erazo | Oct 16, 2017

Relationships are the cornerstone in social life. They are also essential for successful businesses, marriages, friendships, and many other aspects in life. When a person is looking at hiring home care support services, especially through an agency, there will likely come a point when the senior or disabled adult establishes a positive relationship with that…

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Home Care for Seniors in Coral Gables FL: Home Care Aide or Visiting Nurse?

How Can You Tell If Mom Needs an Aide or Visiting Nurse?

By Nercy Radcliffe | Oct 13, 2017

There are plenty of home care options available for people who need assistance, either for just a couple of hours a day, maybe even only a few days a week, or for full-time, around-the-clock care. Most people have no prior experience looking into home care, either for themselves or an elderly or disabled loved one,…

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Home Care for Seniors in Lauderhill FL: Support Outside the House

Yes, an In-Home Care Aide Can Support a Senior Outside the House, Too

By Jon Fedele | Sep 20, 2017

John was an active person through life. He took care of his family, worked hard, and built a decent retirement fund. He raised children with his wife, traveled with her, and did many of the things he always wanted to do. When he was in his 80s, widowed, and living alone, he began to have…

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