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Home Care for Seniors in Deerfield Beach FL: Support Following a Stroke

A Parent Who Suffered a Stroke May Refuse Home Care, but If She Doesn’t Have Support, She Needs to Reconsider

By Stephen Sternbach | Apr 9, 2018

Marjorie was in the hospital following a stroke. She could not communicate verbally at the moment, but her doctor expected she would be able to relearn how to talk. In the meantime, she had to communicate by writing things down or answering simple yes or no questions. It was frustrating, but one thing she continually…

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Home Care for Seniors in Lauderhill FL: Four Common Concerns

Four of the Most Common Concerns People Have About Home Care Services

By Jon Fedele | Feb 16, 2018

When people have certain concerns about things, they have a tendency to either research to uncover the truth or forget about it altogether. When it comes to home care support services, even though it’s one of the best options, too many people have misconceptions about it. They have these concerns that have no foundation in…

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Home Care for Seniors in South Fort Myers FL: Adjusting to Life with a Home Care Aide

Adjusting to Life with a Home Care Aide

By Ted Wolfendale, Esq. | Feb 12, 2018

Making the adjustment to suddenly rely on a total stranger coming into the house to provide support is not always easy. This is how a lot of seniors and their family view the topic of home care options. They see it as a complete stranger about to step in and come to that senior’s house…

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Home Care for Seniors in Brandon FL: Staying Positive

Keeping Family Positive When Parents Struggle with Their Health

By Deborah Irvine | Oct 20, 2017

John, Rachel, and Tyler were all close. As siblings only separated by three years, they grew up together, played together, competed against one another, and dealt with many of the same sibling challenges that other brothers and sisters all around the world face every year. As adults, they were a close-knit family and live relatively…

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