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Finding Ways to Make Home Safer for a Senior with Dementia

Senior Home Safety in Aventura FL: Dementia and Safety

A senior having been diagnosed with dementia can pose numerous challenges for family and friends. Many of those men and women surrounding these seniors want what’s best for them. It might be a spouse, adult children, siblings, or close friends who live nearby. Shortly after diagnosis, many of these people rally around those seniors and…

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Three Ideas That Might Help Reduce Stress as a Caregiver

Caregiver Stress in Boynton Beach FL: Three Ideas to Reduce Stress

Being a family caregiver or taking care of a friend can be rewarding, but it is also going to cause stress and anxiety. When a person is trying to find a way to reduce stress in their life, taking care of a parent or other individual is only going to compound things. Caregiver stress can…

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What If Someone with Alzheimer’s Still Has a Pet?

Alzheimer's Care in West Palm Beach FL: Caring for a Pet

When a person has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, his or her family may very well encourage them to give up that dog because, if they can’t keep track of appointments, can’t even take care of themselves in a safe and healthy manner, how could they possibly be a good owner or caretaker for that animal?…

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